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Matrimonial, Family & Divorce

We offer an initial interview to anwer your questions. A half hour meeting with a qualified Solicitor will cost £50 plus VAT. If you wish to make an appointment, please telephone and ask for a fixed fee interview.

Susan Jones is a trained collaborative lawyer, collaborative law being a method of resolving disputes by round table meetings.  We aim to minimise conflict and upset during the process and work within the Resolution framework. If you would like to find out more please click on the Resolution link on our Links page.

If you are having relationship problems and considering divorce or separation, or simply just want some basic advice or assistance, then we can help answer some of your queries, such as:

DIVORCE: Do I need one, how do I get a divorce and how long does it take?  How much will it cost?

LIVING TOGETHER BUT NOT MARRIED: What are my rights?  What do I need to do if we separate?

PROPERTY: Who will live in the home?  Who pays the mortgage and outgoings?  Will the property have to be sold?

LEGAL SEPARATION: What is it, how is it different from divorce?

CHILDREN: Who will the children live with?  How do I make sure I can see my children?  How do we resolve disputes about our children?  How much maintenance should be paid?

FINANCES: How will we deal with other assets?  Who will pay any debts?  

We know that divorce often involves high emotions, especially when there are children involved.  We are sensitive to your needs during this difficult time, and work with you to resolve your divorce with compassion and efficiency. We also try not to use legal jargon when we communicate with you.  If you need expert legal advice or you have a question about family law issues, just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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